Tyler Livesey

Guided by his recipe for success: passion, determination and a positive work ethic, Head Chef Tyler Livesey has always had a pragmatic approach to work, which has resulted in his success in the ever-changing and fast-paced hospitality & catering industry.

Getting it right from the start

Tyler started out in the kitchen as a kitchen porter. After picking up some basic food preparation skills by watching chefs at work, he decided to formally learn and gain the qualifications he needed to become a chef by undertaking the Catering & Hospitality course (Level 1, 2 and 3) at University College Isle of Man (UCM).

“I wanted to learn the right techniques and expand my knowledge of food preparation and cookery so I was able me to further my career and become a chef.”

Industry-standard qualifications

Tyler explained the training he received at UCM was practically based. For three days a week he learned new skills by working in the university college’s training restaurant, Cristory’s, which is open to the public. There he rotated between working in the kitchen, restaurant and bakery which allowed him to explore the different job roles within the food service industry. His high level of skill and his positive attitude to learning paid off; in his last year at UCM, he won two student awards: the Donald Slee Award and the Best Vocational Student Award.

“I strongly recommend UCM to others; undertaking a recognised qualification and having a strong base knowledge is essential to reaching career aspirations within this industry. Getting the basic knowledge before starting out is absolutely vital.”


Tyler commented that other benefits of learning at UCM include having had the opportunity to build relationships with individuals in this buoyant Island industry. One of his top tips for those interested in the hospitality & catering industry is getting on an apprenticeship scheme.

“I strongly recommend being an apprentice, not only can you earn while you learn, you can also make friends at work and at the College, which is great!”

Dream job

After completing his studies, he landed a role at Jean-Pierre’s Bistro in Ramsey. This was perfect for him; he had always wanted to work where the standards are high and here he was trained by Jean-Pierre himself, a classically trained chef in French cuisine.

Clearly, Tyler is truly in his element here, as he is able to apply his passion and experience of food preparation, as well as being encouraged to experiment with new dishes to widen his repertoire. His dedication and energy in the kitchen have not gone unnoticed, as he was recently promoted to the position of the restaurant’s Head Chef.

In September of 2019, Tyler entered the coveted Isle of Man Chef of the Year Competition, and was crowned the winner.

“So much of what I’ve learnt at UCM has empowered me to get to where I am today. I love my job and my future is with this business now; I want to grow it and help it continue its fantastic reputation and loyal customer base.”