Breeshey Webb

For Breeshey Webb, final year BA History & Heritage student at University College Isle of Man (UCM), being able to undertake a degree on island in a subject that she loves has enabled her to gain valuable knowledge and experience which she hopes will create a strong foundation for her future. Breeshey recently won the Ella Oleson scholarship which gives her the opportunity to study at The University of Idaho, USA for a year–we wish her all the best!

A ‘love’ for history
Breeshey has always had a passion for History, so when it came to selecting a degree at UCM, it was an easy choice, “History was my favourite subject at school, so I thought it would make sense to study it at degree level. My family also love history and I thought I would study something that I genuinely enjoy”.

Placement opportunities
Through the BA History & Heritage degree, Breeshey has undertaken work placements and built valuable connections within industry, “When it came to completing a work experience module during my second year, the tutors had such great connections with the local industry, that placement opportunities were brilliant”. Breeshey completed a five-week placement at the Children Centre and still volunteers there today, she added, “I love my work there as I can see the impact the charity is having on the local community”. UCM’s close relationship with industry has also led to guest speakers from the heritage industry sharing their experiences with students.

A ‘more personal’ education
Before heading to Idaho this summer, Breeshey is in the final stages of completing her degree and hopes that others who are thinking about higher education, would consider UCM, “I would recommend UCM to others, especially those who don’t want to ‘go away’ but want a degree”. Breeshey pointed out that there are plenty of advantages to studying at UCM and one of them is the small class sizes which means that attention from tutors is more personal. Breeshey highly recommends the History & Heritage degree to those who enjoy researching and finding out about how the past impacts us today.

The 21-year-old from Sulby is excited to take on the challenge of continuing her studies in the States and has full support from her family, “My parents are very proud and my brothers have been incredibly supportive”.

We wish Breeshey the best of luck at The University of Idaho and hope that her time at UCM has helped to inspire, challenge and empower her to dream big.

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