Brendon Alford

When Brendon Alford was looking to continue his studies to higher education, he realised that University College Isle of Man’s (UCM) BA Hons Business Studies degree provided him with an opportunity to not only remain on island and save accommodation costs, but also build valuable contacts from local industry, two factors which were very important for Brendon and his career aspirations.


A quality, local education

UCM prides itself as being an educational provider which puts its students first, and in doing so, creates a safe and supportive working environment. Brendon explained how the small class sizes provide students with a more intimate learning experience, “The small ratio of students to lecturers, became something which greatly appealed to me, as I was able to focus on my work, and received immediate feedback from my lecturers”.

A local education also meant that Brendon could continue with his social life whilst balancing his studies, “Although I was accepted into universities in the UK, my circumstances changed, and remaining on island and studying at UCM, was the most appropriate pathway for me.”

He added, “In the beginning, I had doubts that remaining on island would give me the same quality education however, the level of lecturing over here, and the support from staff, is incredibly high, and I have been thoroughly impressed during my time at UCM”.


Building valuable connections

The BA Hons Business Studies degree encourages students to think about their future career prospects by meeting with local industry representatives. “The business community on the Isle of Man is very well knitted and a great effort was made by UCM to introduce students to key contacts”.

“For a graduate returning to the island from a UK university, they are at more of a disadvantage than us, as we have been networking and making valuable connections. I used the contacts I gained during my dissertation, and even now, four years down the line, I still refer to, and keep in touch with the people I met during my studies”.


Thinking about the future

The BA Hons Business Studies degree offers students an opportunity to explore diverse areas of the sector, something which attracted Brendon, “The course covered everything from Human Recourses and finance, to marketing and management. I really liked how it was so encompassing of so many different aspects of business”.

Brendon, who now works in communications for a local IT company, added, “It wasn’t just one finite thing, and I was someone who was never 100% sure about the exact career path I wanted to go down, so this degree has really encapsulated a lot, and given me the freedom to choose and think about a career at a later date”.