Lisa Osborn

When mature student, Lisa Osborn, decided to return to education and study BSc Cybersecurity locally at University College Isle of Man (UCM), with no previous computing background, she never expected to be graduating top of her class, with first-class honours.


Cybersecurity is fascinating

 The security of the internet and of the information stored, is of paramount importance to all nations. In response to security dangers, UCM’s BSc Cybersecurity course provides students with the relevant skills and expertise to investigate, police, and react accordingly, and to protect systems and organisations.

For Lisa, who had little experience in computing or programming prior to the course, the degree opened her eyes to the complex world of online security and hacking, an area which interested her greatly.

“Cybersecurity is truly fascinating, and although I didn’t have a huge IT background initially, UCM provided me with the time and resources to ask plenty of questions and seek additional tuition to support me throughout my studies.”


A valuable, local education

 Beginning any educational journey as a mature student, can have its challenges, however, Lisa used her experience to her advantage, and recognised the advantages of a local education with a more personalised approach to learning.

“Studying a Higher Education course at UCM, provides you with the best chance of getting a high grade and a quality qualification.”

“I had studied several qualifications before, including a Business Studies degree with Salford University. I found that we got better marks at UCM than degree courses in the UK; we outperformed their scores quite consistently due to the close knit, small class sizes.”


100% recommend to others

UCM aims to provide its students with the relevant resources and support necessary to succeed and thrive during their studies, and with a new cybersecurity lab recently installed,  students have quality resources on hand to assist with all of their learning needs.

“I could have studied in the UK, but as a mature student having to find accommodation and re-establish myself in a new area, just didn’t appeal to me. UCM is a fantastic option right on your doorstep.”

Lisa added, “I would 100% recommend anyone to study at UCM. To anyone who is considering pursing higher education, see what UCM has to offer. I have to say that although it challenged me, I loved it and it has been one of the best degree courses that I’ve done.”

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