Hannah Clinton

For Hannah Clinton, expressing her creativity through art, is something which has always greatly interested her. The opportunity to utilise her artistic passion by studying BA (Hons) Visual Communications through Digital Media whilst remaining on island, has allowed Hannah to develop her knowledge of multimedia, enhance her skillset and continue with her involvement in local theatre productions.

A degree on your doorstep

Many students find that leaving the island to study in an unfamiliar environment with expensive accommodation and travel costs, can be quite an upheaval, and something which does not appeal to them. However, at University College Isle of Man (UCM), students can enjoy the benefits of a local education which provides high level lecturing, small class sizes in comparison to most UK universities, and strong learning support services.

For first year student Hannah, studying locally was the most appropriate pathway, “I wanted to further my education and study at a higher level however, I knew that I didn’t want to leave the island and my family and friends. UCM was the most suitable option for me, and it has been brilliant. I have been able to balance my studies with work, and save money by living at home”.

At UCM, you might be studying local, but we encourage our students to think global. Every one of our degree courses includes off-island study opportunities, so when you feel ready, you can explore a little more of the world, and gain valuable industry experience at the same time.

A creative challenge

Before beginning her higher education studies, Hannah completed a Level 3 and 4 Foundation degree at UCM in Art & Design in accordance with University of the Arts London (UAL). This provided Hannah with the experience she needed to prepare and progress her artistic abilities for undergraduate degree level.

“After completing my A Levels, I was unsure of what I wanted to focus academically on, and whether I wanted to spend a lot of money studying in the UK, if I might not enjoy it. I am, admittedly, quite an indecisive person, so studying such a broad Foundation degree, really gave me an opportunity to stop, explore and think about what direction I wanted to progress my studies in”.

Having spent most of her artistic experience working in physical formats such as painting and drawing, diving into the world of Visual Communications and Digital Media, was certainly a challenging change.

“During my first year of the undergraduate degree, I have transferred my work to a more digital platform, filming, editing and utilising graphic design. Before starting my degree, I had never produced art digitally, so it has been challenging to adapt, but very rewarding”.

Recommend to others?

When asked if she would recommend the course to others, Hannah said, “Absolutely, this degree has been engaging from the very beginning, and incredibly helpful in pushing me outside of my comfort zone and exploring diverse areas of the artistic field. There are only eight people in my class, so there is a great connection between students and tutor, and we work together to support one another”.

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