Chloe Jenner

Celebrating VQ Day 2019

This week we're celebrating the achievements of students studying Vocational Qualifications at UCM. 

Chloe studied Administration & IT User Skills (Level 3)

Grade achieved: Triple Distinction


I chose to study this course because it awards me with a GCSE in PC Passport which covers a range of business software such as: Excel, Word and PowerPoint; which I think will help me greatly in my future employment.

“I particularly like studying a vocational course because I can learn skills hands-on rather than just through study.”

One of the benefits of studying at UCM is the small class sizes. We had just 12 students in our class; this meant we got more individualised attention from our tutors than we would have had if we were in a bigger college.

At UCM you are studying alongside some older students, which means you are treated as an adult.

The next step for me is to study a degree in Administration with UCM. I do have the option to study a HNC course part-time and work as an apprentice alongside this, but right now I’m in the mindset to continue studying full-time.

My ultimate goal is to work in Human Resources.