Niall Quayle

Niall Quayle claims that as a student he was not very confident academically, nonetheless he achieved a First in his Adult Nursing degree, an achievement which has empowered him and given him the confidence to pursue a Masters in Advanced Practice, which will enable him to fulfill the passion he has to teach.

‘Fell into’ nursing

A career in nursing was not something that Niall he had given much thought to when he was at school, however after becoming a healthcare assistant at Nobles Hospital for a year, he realised how much he loved working in the healthcare sector.

Taking advantage of the on-Island learning opportunities, he undertook a degree in Nursing at Keyll Daree, a UCM campus that specialises in providing education and resources for health and social care staff on the Isle of Man.

“The teaching and support I received whilst studying at Keyll Daree were amazing! As well as providing students with all the necessary teaching, the lecturers, whose combined experience means that students have access to a very wide knowledge base, were always happy to help. I truly believe I would not have been so successful in my nursing degree if had received so much support,” Niall said.

Confidence to further his education

After completing his degree, Niall became a district nurse. The love of his job and the confidence boost he gained from receiving such an outstanding result in his first degree together motivated him to pursue further study and Niall has since completed his District Nursing Specialist Practitioners qualification.

Fulfilling his passion

Niall is now on a year’s contract as a Clinical Skills Facilitator for adult student nurses at Keyll Daree and to his delight, he is able to combine his enthusiasm for teaching and his love of working in the healthcare sector by becoming a lecturer in nursing.

He is currently doing a Masters in Nursing (Work-based and Integrative Studies [WIBIS]) at UCM and hopes that one day he will be able to undertake a PhD in this subject area.

“Everything that I have experienced and learned so far has led me to this path I am now on and I couldn’t be happier.”

See here for more information about these courses: BN (Hons) Adult Nursing, MSc Advanced Practice (WIBIS). Hear from Niall himself below: