Elliott Cureton

For Elliott Cureton, the flexibility of the Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching (FDSC) has enabled him to continue his part-time coaching position with Manx Sport and Recreation (MSR), whilst completing his studies at University College Isle of Man (UCM). With diverse modules ranging from sports psychology, to events management, the course combines both face-to-face tuition and work-based independent learning, an important factor which attracted Elliott to the foundation degree.

Control of his future

Before beginning his higher education studies, Elliott had explored other career paths, “I had spent the last seven years working in administration, gardening and construction, but I couldn’t see myself working in those positions for the rest of my life. I wanted control over my future, and knew that returning to education and studying at UCM, would broaden my employability prospects”.

A passion for sport

Having played football his entire life, and being genuinely interested in health and fitness, when Elliott discovered the FDSC course at UCM, he was instantly interested, and challenged himself to return to education to develop his skillset, “I am a passionate sportsman and I have a five-year-old son, so studying a subject that I am passionate about, and so close to home, is incredibly convenient for myself and my family”.

The FDSC is designed for individuals already working, or wishing to start working, in the Sport industry and Sports Coaching, an appealing aspect for Elliott, “Whilst I finish off my final few modules, I am working as a casual coach with MSR, which I really enjoy and hopefully, there will be a fulltime position for me when my studies are complete”.

Placement opportunities

Throughout the course, Elliott has utilised his knowledge and training during coaching opportunities, which have developed his coaching abilities and assessed his key practical and professional skills, "I have really enjoyed volunteering with schools and putting into practice what I have learned in the classroom. It is also great to work with young people and watch them gradually improve”.

Elliott added, “There have been so many aspects of this course which I have genuinely enjoyed, in particular, the events management module was brilliant, as I had to create my own event, organise sponsorship, manage the finances and consider risk management, which I found challenging, but very interesting”.

Giving back to the Island

UCM prides itself as being an educational provider which supports and believes in its students and their futures, something that Elliott has taken great encouragement from, “All of the tutors are incredibly proud of their heritage, and are passionate advocates for promoting the Isle of Man. They have empowered me to believe that I am completing this course to represent the Island and improve the health and wellbeing of our community. Their passion has made me feel valued and a part of something much bigger”.

For more information about the Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching (FDSC), see here: https://www.ucm.ac.im/courses/higher-education/hairdressing-beauty/fdsc-sports-coaching/