Faheem Jaigidar

Having always had a strong interest in technology and protecting the security of his devices, final year BSc (Hons) Cybersecurity student, Faheem Jaigidar, decided to study this area to provide himself with the essential skills, knowledge and experience necessary to one day pursue his passion, as a career.


Living in the digital age

With technology dominating the modern world, the security of the internet and of the information stored, have never been more important. Computer technology is constantly advancing and enabling us to live simpler lives however, it also means that hackers and cyberterrorists have endless opportunities to exploit individuals and businesses.

Faheem recognised that there is a current demand for cybersecurity specialists, “Whilst completing my studies, I have realised that it is common for current experts within this field to not have bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, so the completion of this degree increases my employability prospects and clearly displays that I am specialised in this highly demanded area”.

He added, “During my studies, I have had the opportunity to explore cybercrime and the best practices applied with security and ethical hacking, these are all imperative skills that I will utilise often within the workplace.”

A local and stress-free education

The chance to remain at home and save money, whilst obtaining valuable qualifications, is just one of the many benefits of pursuing higher education at UCM. Faheem discussed how this attracted him to the course, “Studying a degree on island has meant that I can continue working and living at home, not having to worry about moving to a new location and stressing about fees and organising accommodation”.

With small class sizes and tutors who are friendly and experienced, UCM prides itself as being an educational provider which supports its students to challenge themselves and achieve rewarding futures.

Faheem added, “My tutors have been brilliant; they are always on hand to answer any questions and take the time to break things down and show you where you are going wrong. I genuinely look forward to their classes.”

Thinking about the future

Faheem, who will celebrate his achievements during the 2020 Higher Education Awards in October, reflected on his time at UCM, “Studying here has opened many doors for me, and also presented challenges such as teaching myself new skills and completing projects that I didn’t initially think I could complete or achieve. The supportive nature of course delivery provided me with the skills to tackle these challenges”.

Currently working as an IT apprentice for Derivco, a leading software development company, Faheem has spent the last three years gaining hand-on experienced, and does not plan on stopping his education just yet, “I have considered becoming an engineer, or perhaps continuing my education and pursuing a Master’s in Advanced Computer Science. There are so many potential avenues to explore… the future is looking very exciting”.

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