Part-time admissions

How to Apply

To apply for a part-time course at UCM, click on the ‘courses’ tab and choose whether you’re interested in studying a further education, higher education or on a leisure and recreation course.

Just in case you’re unsure, the categories are:

  • Further Education (FE): education below degree level for people over 16. Our FE courses range from Level 1 (below GCSE level) , Level 2 (GCSE level) and Level 3 (equal to A level). Typically pupils coming straight from school after taking GCSEs will apply for an FE course.
  • Higher Education (HE): education at degree levelWe offer a variety of diverse higher education courses such as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, professional qualifications and higher national certificates and diplomas.
  • Apprenticeships: a course which links work and study and which means you have the opportunity to gain a qualification whilst earning a wage at the same time.
  • Leisure and Recreation: these courses do not lead to qualifications, but instead offer the opportunity to learn new skills, explore new subjects and/or discover new hobbies and interests.