Research Vannin

Research Vannin is a hub to support and develop the conduct and value of research on the Isle of Man.

Hosted by UCM in partnership with research and development teams across the Island, Research Vannin is taking a collaborative approach to promoting a vibrant and productive research community through the sharing of resources, developing relevant workshops and events as well as networking opportunities.

Our goal is to facilitate collaboration between on and off-Island researchers, promote the reputation of island-based research, and educate through the provision workshops and in the future, with an online repository of Isle of Man focused research papers and reports.

Research Vannin provides a platform for researchers, students and organisations to utilise the Island's position to offer unique research conditions.


  • Promote the value of research on the Isle of Man and its application
  • Connect the Island’s research community
  • Develop the Island’s environment for research
  • Link research needs with researchers
  • Create a hub especially for research resource and support on the Island
  • Provide an open-source repository for Manx research

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