Rachel Miles

Rachel Miles, who was part of a BAFTA winning team of creatives, has been presented as the 2023 Honorary Fellow at University College Isle of Man (UCM) Graduates’ Ceremony which was held on 6th October.

Watch the 2023 Graduates' Ceremony.

Rachel Miles is a BAFTA winning Creative Director. In 2018 she was celebrated as a future star in the Isle of Man’s 30 under 30 list. 

Although Rachel left the island to achieve her big dreams, her foundations started here at UCM on the National Diploma in Multimedia course. She went on to graduate from Central Saint Martins with a BA Hons in Visual Communication. It was there she discovered the world of advertising - a job where you get to dream for a living.

Her powerful concepts have helped transform the status quo of gender roles in Addis Ababa, build body confidence in women and young children, as well as raise awareness with Sir David Attenborough around the terrible impact humans are having on our planet.

She has created tattered but lovable characters that have warmed the hearts of the nation,  including a one-eyed William Shatner voiced bear who rediscovers his logo smile on a TUI holiday, and a pair of old brown brogues, down on their luck, who get back on their feet thanks to a ‘sole mate’ taking them by the laces and teaching them to dance (Strictly Come Dancing).

Over a decade in advertising she’s been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people in the industry, producing award winning work.