Sustainability updates

We'll keep this area updated with developments and changes which impact our sustainability goals:

March 2024

  • We encouraged students and staff to reduce, reuse and recycle through a series of social media posts, a staff leaflet and a takeover of our poster holders, screens and table talkers.
  • Our new recycling points were created with signage to remind students and staff about the benefits of recycling. 
  • Some of our General Studies students have been working alongside Beach Buddies. This has been a great opportunity to develop their employability, communication and teamwork skills, as well as benefiting the environment!

January 2024

  • Biosphere Isle of Man published an article from our Vice Principal Geoff Chatwood about our sustainability journey. Read the article here. 
  • Graham Dugdale from Manx Utilities provided a staff drop in session to help staff reduce their energy consumption
  • We're always looking to embed sustainable practices into our curriculum. Here's an example of a guest speaker who visited our Construction, Architecture and Surveying students to discuss sustainability in this industry.

December 2023

  • Have you visited our Annie Gill café? As well as the incredible lunches and cakes you can also enjoy a delicious ‘proper’ coffee. BUT did you know that the used coffee grounds are given to our Land Management team to use in their compost!
  • With support from their tutor, our Childcare & Early Years Education students made this fantastic Christmas Tree which doubles up as a recycling bin. Thank you to Sadler Agricultural Supplies for providing the materials. 

November 2023

UCM Students visit Douglas City Council recycling centre

  • Did you know we have a Training Restaurant? As part of their course, our Catering, Hospitality & Food Service students learn Barista skills (we also run a Barista Adult Learning Upskilling course), and when they're finished with the coffee grounds we reuse them in our bakery (also a learning environment where students learn their skills). 
  • Student Services announced the Gift Exchange initiative ahead of Christmas.
  • Our Student Services Team is continuing to promote sustainability through the Clothes Exchange, which was originally launched in 2022 with read success (read the news article here).
  • We launched two new Adult Learning 'Just for Fun' courses which promote Sustainable Fashion. Read the full story
  • We're encouraging our students to explore Green Careers by getting involved in Green Careers Week through the tutorial programme. 
  • Our level 1 Vocational Studies student recently visited Douglas City Council’s Recycling Facilities to learn all about what happens to our recycling, where is goes and what happens next.

October 2023


  • Some of our Art Students were runners up at the Biosphere Isle of Man Awards for a project involving sustainable fashion.
  • The cups available at our water dispensers are Vegware
  • In October 2023 we officially launched our sustainability model with events for students, staff and the wider public. The plan was launched to the wider public at the Research Festival - read the story here or click here to watch the presentations from the Research Festival including the presentation of our sustainability plan from Geoff Chatwood. 
  • Our Research Festival included a keynote address from Climate Change Scientist Douglas Fox.

July 2023

June 2023

May 2023

  • Our management team all completed Carbon Literacy training
  • In May 2023 we conducted a survey of our students to find out their views on sustainability. The key findings were:
    • 25% strongly agreed and 57% agreed that they had a good understanding of climate change & sustainability
    • 63% agreed or strong agreed that they know where the recyclings bins are at UCM
    • 70% agreed or strong agreed that they recycle paper, cans & plastic whenever they can
    • 72% agreed or strongly agreed that UCM is committed to sustainability
  • In May 2023 we conducted a survey of our staff; they were asked where they think UCM should focus in terms of sustainability. The top 3 answers were:
    • Reducing waste, increasing recycling & purchasing environmentally-responsible products
    • Conserving energy, making buildings more energy efficient & generating energy from renewable sources
    • Conserving water and/or capturing rainwater and runoff 

April 2023

We launched a new sustainability course - read our news story here.


  • We've been an avid supporter of Biosphere Isle of Man, and since 2018 have played an active role by: