Two ‘Just for Fun’ Courses Promoting Sustainable Fashion Launched

We have launched two new ‘Just for Fun’ adult learning courses which empower students with skills to upcycle shirts, jackets and denim clothing.  

Transformation Challenge: Shirts’ and ‘Transformation Challenge: Denims/Jackets’, which will both be taught at UCM’s Homefield Road campus, provide adults with the introductory skills for upcycling clothing.

Throughout the six-hour course, adult learners are encouraged to experiment, trying new techniques and styles as they hone their skills.

Kerry Birchall, who manages adult learning at UCM, said: ‘Earlier in the year we launched our new adult learning offering, which is separated into courses that are Just for Fun and those for Upskilling, with the intention of adding courses to support the lifelong educational goals of our community.  

‘This is a great opportunity not only to learn new skills but also to adopt more sustainable practices.’

Julie Edge MHK, Minister for Education Sport and Culture, added: ‘The art of upcycling transforms discarded materials into new treasures that contribute to a sustainable future.

‘These fantastic new courses, along with many others on offer at UCM, can be catalyst for lifelong learning and better understanding of sustainable practices, which can revitalize individuals and help to create a resilient and innovative society.’

Both courses last two weeks and cost £43.50 each.