Carol Glover

Carol Glover is a disruptive thinker and leader who helps entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide to unlock their potential and build  self-belief and confidence by connecting to their authentic leadership style. As a coach, mentor, speaker, and edutainer she draws on her intrapreneurial leadership skillset developed across multiple roles and sectors. Carol is ILM level 7 qualified in executive coaching and mentoring, an EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach and Mentor, and an Advanced Positive Psychology Coach. Through her Maverick Maker business, she coaches and mentors’ founders, leaders, boards, teams, and businesses to lead in ever changing and  turbulent times by thinking differently, increasing productivity, and co-creating opportunities out of challenge, change, curiosity, collaboration, and connections. Based on the Isle of Man, she coaches leaders and founders who seek to reduce stress, work less, and become more productive while developing growth opportunities for themselves, their team and their business.

In her spare time she  is passionate about supporting young people find their purpose and unlock their potential – especially when they found school tough, academically, as she did. A large part of her career has  been working with and for  successful Entrepreneurs and the skillset needed to become one.

This attracted her towards being a Governor of UCM to support the team and students connect with their best selves, and ensure that in an economy where over 85% of businesses are run by entrepreneurs, UCM can play a part in the development of programmes to support this for the future.

Carol is a champion of UCM because she knows we are in the most turbulent time in her working life, there will be as much change in the next 10 years as in the last hundred and as 50% of jobs in 2033 don’t  exist today. She is a change agent, connector and enabler, who is passionate about co-creating environments where those in them can thrive.