Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Public Health (P1214)

What is the Course About?

Nowadays, health is seen increasingly as everyone’s business: what does ‘being healthy’ actually mean? What are the new risks to our health and what can we do about them? What are we doing to the environment? Why is there such a disparity in standards of health amongst different groups in society? Our programmes help you to develop abilities in both social and natural sciences to tackle questions like these. Validated by the University of Chester, within the Faculty of Health and Social Care, all our programmes are delivered on-Island.

What subjects will I study?

Both the Foundation and Bachelor of Science degree examine social and clinical aspects of health, including modules on; sociology of health, biology of disease, health promotion and cancer. Running through both programmes are core modules in research and work related learning, allowing students to build transferable and employability skills, including critical reflection and professional practice.

What are my progression and career options?

On successful completion, students have used our programmes as a stepping stone into employment in the wider health arena and/or progression to Postgraduate study. Individuals have found fulfilling careers in public and environmental health, teaching, clinical practice, health management and positions within the voluntary sector. Others have used the qualifications to enhance their Continuing Professional Practice and gain valuable experience within the health sector.

How will I be assessed?

A major strength of our programmes is the variety of assessment methods, ranging from coursework including: essays, posters and portfolios to reflective accounts, presentations and examinations. One unique module even allows assessment on the organisation of a student led conference, complete with website!

Entry requirements

Students wishing to obtain the full BSc. award in Public Health can apply for direct entry on successful completion of the Foundation Degree in Health and Society. Alternatively students with relevant qualifications at Level 5 or with experience within the sector can be considered via the accreditation process for prior learning. Students applying to join the Level 6 programme must also hold GCSEs in English and Maths (C or above) on application.