Life at the Nunnery

By Student Ambassador Luke Sherwood-Walker

There is no comparison to studying at the Nunnery, a building steeped in history. Especially in winter when the log burner is ablaze; it is warm inside, and the frost outside gives a cosy feeling. Beautiful scenery lines the campus, it really is a peaceful place to learn and advance your knowledge as a student.

The lecturers are extremely supportive, and will give you help and advice about your course, or fitting your personal life around degree level studies. Moreover, students are highly sought after by employers because class sizes are smaller than in the UK, meaning personalised, high-level teaching and the achievement of higher grades. In addition, UCM offers a fantastic set of finance and business degree level courses, which aligns perfectly with the strong local industry. Why go abroad?

To help your studies, UCM provides amazing facilities - for example, the library, employability skills sessions and wellbeing services to name a few, all of which help ease you into higher education and prepare you for working life. There are also numerous communal areas to socialise and talk with fellow undergraduates at the Nunnery, either your course mates or those from different degrees and ages. 

It is not just knowledge you acquire at UCM which is important; it is the valuable skills that you obtain which will carry you forward for the rest of your life as well as the lifelong friendships.