Assignment submissions

Assignments are submitted through Turnitin on the University of Chester virtual learning environment, Moodle. There is guidance on how to do this in the WBIS handbook and on Moodle. Your PAT and Module Tutor will help you with this. Always keep a copy of what you have submitted.

If you have any difficulties during submission you should send an email to to record your attempt and to resolve the problem.

Submission dates are agreed through negotiation with your module tutor. However, to help students to be self-directed and organise their studies, we offer four generic submission dates. Dates must accord with University of Chester regulations.

We find that your studies are likely to be most effective if you plan a progress rate of 60 credits per year. Overall, depending on what award you are studying towards and how much credit you claim for any prior learning, you will have a registration period of up to 7 years for an undergraduate programme or up to 6 years for a postgraduate to complete your studies.

Submission dates for 2023/24 - by midnight

  • 23rd October 2023
  • 5th February 2024
  • 29th April 2024


Submission dates are agreed between yourself and the module tutor. If you are experiencing any difficulties at all, please keep your module tutor informed, regardless of how small the difficulty might be.

Request for an extension to an agreed submission can be made to the module tutor, providing it remains within 6 months of the date you started the 20 credit module (and pro rata for 40 and 60 credit modules). Extensions beyond this time frame require a formal request to the University of Chester Mitigating Circumstances process. Please speak to your module tutor, and check the WBIS programme handbook for further information.


If a student fails to submit their assignment by the agreed date and has not been in communication with the module leader, they will receive an email requiring them to submit their work by the next submission date. If this submission date is not met, the student may fail the module.

A student who misses three negotiated deadlines across their programme of study, may be asked to attend a progression interview with their tutor or the programme manager. This will involve a consideration of how progress on the programme can be helped or, in extreme cases, whether continued participation on the programme is viable.


A provisional mark and feedback will be made available within four working weeks of submission. Please be aware holidays within the academic calendar are not counted as working weeks. All marks are provisional until approved by the WBIS Subject Assessment Board in either September, December, March or June.