Bitcoin Specialist Delivers Talk to Degree Students

Students from University College Isle of Man (UCM) welcomed guest speaker Danny Brewster, CEO of AAO Global, for a discussion around Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

The talk took place at the Nunnery, UCM’s main campus for degree, degree-level and post-graduate teaching, with both staff and students invited to attended. Students studying BSc Accounting and Finance were also encouraged to attend the discussion as an essential element of their current studies into cryptocurrency and digital finance.

Mr Brewster opened the session by speaking about the history of money and how the financial crisis of 2008 led to the creation of Bitcoin, the world’s first digital cryptocurrency.  The discussion highlighted the value of Bitcoin and how its invention resulted in a modern and alternative payment system which has grown so popular today.

Born and raised in Boston, Lincolnshire, and resident of the Isle of Man, few voices can articulate the cross-section of business, technology, crypto, and regulations better than Danny Brewster. Danny is the CEO and Founder of the aptly named AAO Holdings Ltd, an abbreviation of Against All Odds. He is an experienced tech innovator who strives to defy all odds through sheer defiance and resilience.

Danny’s goal is to create a business that will have an impact for 200 years or more. Small details make a big difference, and creating value for others is at the core of Danny’s mission. Making people's lives a little bit easier and building a world we want to live in makes his dedication to the cause justifiable.

Later this year, the AAO Group will be launching twentyone, offering financial services fit for the information age. Its technology has the power transform the way companies view financial services and can provide a much-needed link between legacy financial institutions and the modern business world.

Dr Florida Clements, UCM Programme Leader in Business & Management, said: “We were thrilled to welcome Danny from AAO Global, as someone with extensive industry experience in digital finance, the talk was certainly a valuable resource for our students.”

“Students engaged with the discussion and asked plenty of questions throughout the morning, leaving them with a greater understanding of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. We are proud to have such strong links to local industry and we’re very grateful for industry professionals, such as Danny, who give their time for these events. Having industry experts visit our students, as well as providing placements, helps develop their knowledge and skills, and gives them opportunities to make their own connections with potential future employers.”