Former UCM Student Working for Formula 1 Racing Team

A former engineering student from University College Isle of Man (UCM) has landed a role in the world of motorsport.

Frankie Stennett has joined BWT Alpine Formula 1 Team, working to operate and programme various Mazak machinery, and producing a large variety of components directly for the cars, test rigs, and bespoke pit-equipment.

The cars Frankie is working on are driven by BWT Alpine teammates Fernando Alonso, who is a legendary two-time F1 World Champion, and Esteban Ocon, who is in his third season with the team.

During his time at UCM, Frankie studied at the William Kennish Engineering Centre and Hills Meadow Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC), two realistic working environments which include modern workshops with world-class equipment that allow students to understand and work with industry standard machinery.

Frankie said: “I always enjoyed the hands-on manufacturing side of things whilst at UCM and think this is what sparked my interest in programming and one of the reasons I’m now working in F1.”

“The Formula One industry is fast paced and constantly changing which keeps it very interesting, especially during the new car builds in the winter months where we manufacture the components for next year’s car to the new regulations or updates from the company’s design department.”

A key component of Frankie’s studies involved undertaking industry apprenticeships which he completed with Ronaldsway Aircraft Company and Triumph Actuation Systems.

“The knowledge and experience I gained at these companies has really stuck with me and I continue to utilise it now for the position I am in, especially as some of the components I currently work with are for the hydraulic systems on cars, like the steering racks for example, something which I have manufactured and assembled similarly whilst at Triumph.”

UCM prides itself as being a university college with supportive and experienced staff who bring their own professional experiences and skillsets into the classroom.

Juan Kinnish, Assistant Programme Manager for Engineering at UCM, said “Before becoming a teacher, I worked in aircraft engineering which I enjoyed greatly, so it’s brilliant to see so many of our former students pursuing careers in industries they have a genuine passion for. We are all really proud of Frankie’s achievement and look forward to seeing where his career takes him. Studying engineering can open up doors to so many exciting opportunities, so I hope Frankie’s success can inspire more young people to consider engineering as a potential career path.”