UCM Research Festival Exhibits Academic Excellence

University College Isle of Man (UCM) hosted their third annual Research Festival which welcomed academics, students and members of the public to UCM’s Nunnery Campus for a series of talks and workshops.

The theme of this year’s festival was ‘Sustainable’, meaning that which can be upheld and to focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

Highlighted by the recent disruptions of covid-19, the theme was selected in relation to how we, as an island, can best work together to reconsider how to live sustainably.

The Festival was opened by the Minister for Education, Sport & Culture Dr Alex Allinson MHK who also launched UCM’s Higher Education Strategy 2021-26, an initiative to expand access to higher education on island and build on the outstanding results regularly achieved by UCM undergraduate and postgraduate students

The event encourages not only experienced academics, but also, those who are new to research, to step up and provide insightful presentations, detailing their findings.

Graduate Scientist, Laura Stewart, from the Isle of Man Climate Change Transformation Team delivered an engaging talk on ‘How big is the carbon footprint of our land? Towards a more sustainable future for our island’s land use and agriculture’ which highlighted how knowing how much carbon each of our different landscapes emit – we can plan to reduce that footprint.

Lecturer and programme leader at UCM, Dr Florida Clements, discussed the efficacy of the Islands recent branding campaigns and whether ‘branding and marketing strategies can help to turn around the fortunes of the Isle of Man’. Curator and archaeologist for Manx National Heritage, Allison Fox, shared the underwater archaeological discoveries that have emerged from the 3-D mapping of some of the wrecks off the island in her presentation titled ‘Getting in the Way of Ships’.

Finally, Anneka Dellborg, who has achieved a successful career working within the fashion industry, and has developed a sustainable business on island, presented her views about ‘When curiosity becomes research and research becomes a small business’.

Gail Corrin, Higher Education manager at UCM, expressed “The Festival continues to expand the reach and impact of UCM’s Higher Education offer and promoting and supporting the discoveries of our own researchers as well as that of those who research our island.  It provides real knowledge transfer for our island’s economic, social and cultural development.

The event also involved several research skills workshops, the sessions were led by experienced researchers to help those who are at various stages of their academic journeys.

UCM is committed to being at the forefront of education and innovation on the Isle of Man. The popular #UCMtalks series will be launched shortly, visit ucm.ac.im for details.