UCM to host Higher Education Awards Ceremony

Following the success of last year’s University College Isle of Man (UCM) Higher Education (HE) Awards ceremony, UCM announces once again that Manx students who have studied in the UK and beyond are invited to take part in their annual HE awards ceremony on the Island.

The Higher Education Awards celebrates the hard work and overall achievements of UCM’s graduating higher education students, and this year, will also recognise the hard work of other Manx graduates.

Jo Pretty, Principal of UCM said, “The feedback we received from Manx students who attended the ceremony last year was so positive, it was a memorable occasion for all and an opportunity for non-UCM graduates to celebrate their academic success with their family and friends.  We felt it was important to continue with the offer again this year and hopefully this is a start of a wonderful tradition!”

“Although most universities will now be running ‘live’ graduations, following changes in restrictions due to the pandemic, we felt that it would still be beneficial and special to invite Manx graduates to our ceremony as it will give them a choice of where they can celebrate.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is believed that UCM was the only higher education provider in Britain, which hosted a live, non-socially distanced ceremony last year for its students.

Dr Allinson, Minister for the Department of Education, Sport and Culture said “I am very grateful that our island is able to celebrate the achievements of our higher education students again this year and host a truly inclusive Manx graduation ceremony. It will give students who have studied at UCM or further afield the chance to receive their degree in front of family and friends”.

All returning Manx higher education students who have completed their degree programmes and are interested in taking part in the UCM Higher Education Awards ceremony to be held on Friday 8th October 2021 at the Villa Marina, Douglas, are requested to express their interest by contacting UCM at marketing@ucm.ac.im.