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The University College Isle of Man offers you a range of flexible courses and sessions to help you upskill your staff.

It's been proven in widely publicised studies, that staff who receive benefits, rewards and recognition for their work are on average 20% more efficient in their jobs. It seems happiness in your work is directly related to productivity and many large blue-chip enterprises are capitalising on this by placing their staff on a career development program.

Employees of companies such as BT, Vodaphone and Cisco are given a budget per year to spend on training courses and furthering their careers.

The University College Isle of Man has helped many companies on the island develop bespoke training programs for their staff to develop core skills and even attain professional qualifications and certifications.

We can provide bespoke support to complement your CPD sessions, encompassing a range of business and management skills through to the more specific vocational training.

Contact us for further information on how we can assist with further training of your staff.