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Wednesday 24 April 2019

WED 24 APRIL - Detached ‘Intack Farms’ in the Manx Uplands

Chris Callow, BA Hons History & Heritage, UCM – the history of ‘intack farms’ – from enclosure to abandonment.
6-7pm Nunnery Campus

Although this is a free event, booking is essential. Please book your seat here.

TUE 30 APRIL - Responsible Government: Tynwald and the Isle of Man Government.

This talk will be delivered by Prof. Peter Edge (Oxford Brookes University) & Prof. Claire de Than (Legal Institute of Jersey).

6 - 7pm Nunnery Campus

Although this is a free event, booking is essential. Please book your seat here. 

WED 22 MAY - Engaging with Feedback

Myles Dempsey, PhD Researcher - understanding how students interact with online feedback using eye tracking technology.
6-7pm Nunnery Campus


WED 19 JUNE - The Great Debate 

Various – learning to know and learning to do. What is the best balance of theory and practice in modern education?

6-7pm Nunnery Campus



#UCMtalks | Archived Lecture Series available to view 

Prof. Peter Edge - The Lisvane Legacy

Christa McCartney - Freire and Fortune: Critical Changes in Business Education

William Cain - The Manx Constitution: a constitutional anomaly 

Andy Grant - The 2018 IOM Sport Lecture

Stacey Astill - An Exploration of the Mental Health of Allied POWs in Europe 1939-1945

Leah Jamieson - Britain & Jewish Immigration in the 1930s & 1940s

Dr. Rebecca Rowley - Researching Abortion on the Isle of Man

Prof. Tim Thornton - Lordship & Sovereignty 

Prof. Howard Williams - Warriors on Viking Age Sculptures

Edmund Southworth - Understanding Castle Rushen

Dr. Robert Fyson - In Search of James Brown 

Dr. Jennifer Draskau - The Great Whore of Babylon

Hamish Killip - Death in Detention 

Dr. Mike Hoy - Votes for Women

Russell Gundry - Whats Happening with my Health Data 

Sue Nicol - Boys will be Boys

Catriona Mackie - Tenants & Landlords