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Wednesday 16 January 2019

WED 16 JAN - Freire and Fortune: critical changes in business education

Christa McCartney, PhD Researcher – pressing problems of our time are too often left to governments and charities. A revolution in Management Education can bring businesses to help address these problems too.
6-7pm - Nunnery Campus

 Although this is a free event, booking is essential. Please book your seat here .


MON 28 JAN - The Lisvane Legacy

Prof. Peter Edge, Oxford Brookes University – Lord Lisvane completed a review of the functioning and efficacy of the various branches of Tynwald and the processes of scrutiny. The recommendations were debated in Tynwald in June 2017. What is the impact and legacy of this major review?
6-7pm - Nunnery Campus

Although this is a free event, booking is essential. Please book your seat here .

WED 13 FEB - Machine Argumentation: can we replace taxi drivers with robots?

Prof. Dov Gabbay, internationally renowned researcher in logic – Artificial Intelligence is here already, but how is it impacting on our everyday life?
6-7pm - Nunnery Campus


WED 20 MAR - The Evolution of Contagious Kindness

Amy Monroe, Phd Researcher – is it an evolved adaptation, naturally selected to help us compete for access to important social relationships?6-7pm - Nunnery Campus


WED 27 MAR - Manx Constitutional Reform

Steve Wright, BA Hons History and Heritage Management with Manx Studies – the historical evidence as a guide for future change.
6-7pm Nunnery Campus


WED 24 APRIL - Detached ‘Intack Farms’ in the Manx Uplands

Chris Callow, BA Hons History & Heritage, UCM – the history of ‘intack farms’ – from enclosure to abandonment.
6-7pm Nunnery Campus


WED 22 MAY - Engaging with Feedback

Myles Dempsey, PhD Researcher - understanding how students interact with online feedback using eye tracking technology.
6-7pm Nunnery Campus


WED 19 JUNE - The Great Debate 

Various – learning to know and learning to do. What is the best balance of theory and practice in modern education?

6-7pm Nunnery Campus


#UCMtalks | Archived Lecture Series available to view 

William Cain - The Manx Constitution: a constitutional anomaly 

Stacey Astill - An Exploration of the Mental Health of Allied POWs in Europe 1939-1945

Leah Jamieson - Britain & Jewish Immigration in the 1930s & 1940s

Dr Rebecca Rowley - Researching Abortion on the Isle of Man

Prof. Tim Thornton - Lordship & Sovereignty 

Prof. Howard Williams - Warriors on Viking Age Sculptures

Edmund Southworth - Understanding Castle Rushen

Dr. Robert Fyson - In Search of James Brown 

Dr. Jennifer Draskau - The Great Whore of Babylon

Hamish Killip - Death in Detention 

Dr. Mike Hoy - Votes for Women

Russell Gundry - Whats Happening with my Health Data 

Sue Nicol - Boys will be Boys

Catriona Mackie - Tenants & Landlords