UCM Extra

As well as pursuing an educational course at UCM, students are encouraged to join in with extra curricula activity.

The Student Council meets regularly and provides a forum for students to have their say about College, plan and provide fun activities and make suggestions about how to build on and improve our service.

Each course also has a Student Academic Representative (StAR) who represents the views of their class and assists College staff to grow and develop current and future services in all areas of UCM. Similarly, playing an active role in the Student Association enhances a student’s experience of being part of UCM. 

Students are also encouraged to take part in UCM’s Employability Skills Programme, which provides them with opportunities to acquire, practice and accredit the kinds of skills employers value.  

The College also has a robust environment group that meets regularly to discuss and action initiatives related to green issues. Students raise awareness and take direct action to minimise the College’s carbon footprint.