Student Health and Wellbeing

UCM follows a ‘healthy College’ agenda and has a Health and Well-being Co-ordinator who can provide information about health related topics such as nutrition and physical activity either to whole groups or on an individual basis. The Health and Well-being Co-ordinator also offers fitness sessions, encourages and supports sporting activity in College and liaises with external agencies to offer subsidised sporting activity at external venues. 

In order to provide a holistic approach, the Health and Well-being Co-ordinator works closely with the Welfare Officers to support students with issues that may benefit from being addressed via a dual approach.

The Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator contributes to the development, implementation and delivery of health and wellbeing programmes across UCM; an annual programme of wellbeing activities and campaigns is offered to students across all campuses. 

UCM is committed to creating accessible opportunities for students to participate in sport and physical activity by working in partnership with other departments, such as Public Health, Manx Sport and Recreation and the voluntary sector, and ensuring that UCM contributes to improving the health and wellbeing of all staff and students at UCM.