Employability Skills Programme

UCM is committed to ensuring that its students are ‘work ready’ once they have completed their studies at College. The Employability Skills Co-ordinator who is based in the Student Services Area, offers a variety of opportunities for students to gain and practice the skills valued by employers. 

The UCM Employability Programme is made up of six sessions, which can be arranged around a student’s main course of study and which provides students with the chance to learn and explore skills such as

  • team work
  • leadership
  • personal communication
  • planning
  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • and many more

Students who complete the programme will be accredited with a UCM certificate that can be added to a record of achievement and referenced on a CV. 

External organisations are invited in to give tutorials on CV writing, how to search for a job, how to pick the right job and how to present well at interview. This gives students the opportunity to engage with representatives from different sectors and understand exactly what employers need from their employees. 

Volunteering is also offered as an option; the Employability Skills Co-ordinator works closely with CIRCA (the volunteering organisation) to find appropriate placements for individual students. 

One-to-one appointments can be arranged with a Careers Officer via Student Services and a careers drop-in service is available one half day a week. The College’s Library has a Careers section which is up-dated on a regular basis in consultation with the Careers Service. 

Many of the departments at UCM will invite guest speakers and organise sector specific events that provide their students with the chance to gain a better understanding of the skills and attributes required by the organisations they represent.