Research Festival 2022

Join us for our 4th Annual Research Festival.

Date: 23th September 2022

Location: The Nunnery Campus

Theme: Secure, Vibrant, Sustainable

Hosted by UCM in partnership with researchers on and off the Island, Research Vannin is taking a collaborative approach to promoting a vibrant and productive research community through the sharing of resources, events and networking opportunities.

Our goal is to facilitate collaboration between researchers, on and off-Island; promote the reputation of Island-based research, and educate.

The theme of the 2022 Research Festival is Secure ,Vibrant, Sustainable in line with The Island Plan. 

The Research Festival offers students, independent researchers and guests alike the opportunity to listen to presentations, participate in research workshops and network over coffee and lunch in the impressive environs of UCM’s Nunnery campus. 

Get involved:

  • Call for papers - We are now seeking presentations – spoken & posters - of research for the festival. Closing Date 30th June. 
  • Dissertation showcase - The 2022 UCM Dissertation Showcase, challenges even graduates to share their dissertation research project in seven minutes in a short, engaging and clear presentation.
  • Book sale - leaving students have the opportunity to bring in their books for new and continuing students to purchase.


UCM’S Research Vannin 2022 RESEARCH FESTIVAL Organising Committee

Chair, Gail Corrin, Higher Education Manager, UCM

Dr Lyz Howard, Manx Care

Dr Peter Litman, UCM Honorary Fellow