Online learning

Here are some of the online learning resources that are available to students.


ItsLearning is our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that holds presentations, video clips, weblinks and assignments, which can help you to complete college work anytime, anywhere.

Here is a video about how to effectively learn online.


Moodle is the University of Chester’s virtual learning environment, and access to Moodle module spaces is open to all staff and students with a network account. You will use the University Moodle to submit assignments online.

Library e-resources

You will still be able to access our online library resources. We hold a number of licenses for e-resource databases to support your studies and these can be accessed through a platform called Open Athens.

If you are a student studying elsewhere and have returned to the Island, you can also utilise our resources.  For details, please contact

Free e-resources for higher education students

For username or password of any of the above free e-resources, please contact or 

To find out more about our Library resources, please click here.

Open Learn - Free Courses

During Covid-19, we have been promoting resources that will benefit learners across the island by signposting them to free online courses to encourage learning and skill development in a range of areas. We have selected these initial courses from Open Learn to enhance English and Mathematics skills. Get started with online learning here.

Further courses in digital and employability skills are planned in the near future. We hope that these courses can help the local community to prepare more effectively to achieve career aspirations and to develop an understanding of online learning.

Everyday Maths 1

Everyday Maths 2

Everyday English 1

Everyday English 2