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UCM Students Studying University of Chester Programmes

Level 6 students studying a Bachelor’s Degree:

Important Assessment and Progression Measures 2021

Dear Student,

We are so pleased to be able to share learning with you once again on a face-to-face basis and welcome you all back.

You may be aware of communications issued from our partner, the University of Chester, regarding assessment and progression measures for 2021. UCM and the University of Chester recognises the concerns and disruption that lockdowns, travel and restrictions can have on our whole community and in particular on your studies.  In the midst of this uncertainty, our overriding concern is that the value of the award that you are working so hard to achieve is protected now and in the future.   Therefore a number of measures, specific to needs of different levels of undergraduate students, have been taken. They are described below. Further detailed advice will be provided by the end of February and if you have questions about any of these measures please talk to your Programme Leader.

Measures already in place

The dispensations regarding evidence requirements for mitigating circumstances and the granting of extensions and deferrals have been waived in the current year, as they were from the start of the pandemic last academic year. Please see here for more information.  

As a final year student, your degree classification is calculated using an average mark from your Level 5 modules (if you studied Level 5 of your Bachelor’s degree at the UCM) as well as your average for Level 6.  If you studied Level 5 of your Bachelor’s degree at UCM last year, then that average will be a ‘no detriment’ mark, giving you your best mark from either your pre-pandemic Level 5 work or all your Level 5 work.  The details of these calculations can be found here.

New decisions taken

For students completing their undergraduate degree this year with an award made from 1st March 2021, the University will be adopting a ‘safety net’ scheme that will enable students at the final level of a classified award, to retake assessments taken and passed at first attempt during the 2020/21 year without risk to the award they have already achieved.  This will give you the opportunity to improve your classification. The award already given will stand and only be changed if the classification is improved1.  This will also apply to students undertaking assessments in the final level of their course this year but not completing their award at this point.

Module Assessment Boards will apply particular attention to comparing the achievement across the modules in your subject area to identify if there are any modules with marks significantly affected by the circumstances and to take appropriate action on marks.

How this will work

We know that you will continue to work as hard as you always have to achieve the best possible results. However, we want to ensure that we help you to have the opportunity to achieve the best you can.

When you receive your results you will be able to consider whether you feel you could have achieved a higher classification, with marks you expect you might be able to improve sufficiently in one or more assessments. You can then register to undertake these assessments again either in the resit period or in the next academic year.

The opportunity to register to retake assessments will be in the 7 days following publication of your results.  UCM will write to you again with more details of this closer to the time, but it will be important that you access your results online promptly to give you the opportunity to consider your options carefully.

What you need to do

It is important to note that in order to complete your degree you do need to attempt all your assessments and achieve the minimum pass level in all your modules.

As you will appreciate, there is now much work being done to provide more detailed information. Staff at UCM and the University of Chester are working hard to do this.   Please ensure you continue to keep in with your tutors and stay up to date with the information from your UCM Programme Leader and on the UCM website. 


With very best wishes,

Jo Pretty


University College Isle of Man (UCM)


 1 Unless a student commits a serious breach of the regulations on Academic Integrity (cheating)