Msg to HE L5 students - 004

UCM Students Studying University of Chester Programmes

Level 5 students studying a Bachelor’s Degree:

Important Assessment and Progression Measures 2021

Dear Student,

We are so pleased to be able to share learning with you once again on a face-to-face basis and welcome you all back.

You may be aware of communications issued from our partner, the University of Chester, regarding assessment and progression measures for 2021.  UCM and the University of Chester recognises the concerns and disruption that lockdowns, travel and restrictions can have on our whole community and in particular on your studies.  In the midst of this uncertainty, our overriding concern is that the value of the award that you are working so hard to achieve is protected now and in the future.   Therefore a number of measures, specific to needs of different levels of undergraduate students, have been taken. They are described below. Further detailed advice will be provided by the end of February and if you have questions about any of these measures please talk to your Programme Leader.

Measures already in place

The dispensations regarding evidence requirements for mitigating circumstances and the granting of extensions and deferrals have been waived in the current year, as they were from the start of the pandemic last academic year. Please see here for more information.  

New decisions taken

We are taking steps to ensure that every student who has the ability to progress to the next level of study on time, is able to do so. The best way for you to play your part in this is to continue with the assessments that you have been working towards all year. 

In normal years, students who don’t pass all of their modules at the end of the academic year are allowed to progress to Level 6, as long as the total number of credits they have outstanding from Level 5 is no more than 20 (usually the equivalent of one module).  This year, we have decided to again double the total number of outstanding credits that you can carry over into the next level. The full details of how and when this is permitted can be seen below.  You would still need to take the outstanding assessments and pass the modules overall in the next academic year to complete your programme. 

The University already has in place a rule that allows marginal failure in a module (worth no more than 20 credits) at Level 5 to be condoned; in these cases, the module is effectively passed and so the student does not need to be reassessed in that module. In order for condonement to be applied, the module mark must be at least 30%, and the individual assessments must all have a mark of at least 20%.  This usually applies to no more than 20 failed credits (normally one module) at Level 5.   This year, we have now decided to again extend the amount allowed to 40 credits (normally two modules).

Whilst the IOM currently has no pandemic restrictions in place, if they were to return at a time when you are undertaking a module that includes a placement, that module will be excluded when we consider your progression to Level 6.


If you are studying on a programme that is accredited by a professional body, there might possibly be some variations or exceptions to the measures outlined.  This is because those bodies set a number of conditions that degree programmes have to comply with in order for your award to be accredited. These organisations are being consulted and if you are on such a course, your UCM Programme Leader will be in touch with more detailed information as soon as this can be established.

Next Steps

We know you will understand the need to maintain our high standards so that the degree you are earning remains meaningful and stands as a marker of your efforts and academic achievement throughout the duration of your programme.  Yet we also recognise that these are very unusual times for us all and through these assessment and progression measures, UCM and the University of Chester seek to minimise the impact of the current situation on your studies.

As you will appreciate, there is now much work being done to provide more detailed information.  Staff at UCM and the University of Chester are working hard to do this.  Please ensure you continue to keep in touch with your tutors and stay up to date with the information from your UCM Programme Leader and on the UCM website. 


With very best wishes

Jo Pretty


University College Isle of Man (UCM)