Mathematics, Science & Sociology

The analytical and problem-solving skills acquired by studying mathematics and sciences are in great demand. Mathematics underpins the modern world with direct applications to computing, cryptography and the internet economy.

Scientific study allows students to develop the confidence to find answers to their own questions about the workings of the biological, chemical and physical world and become better-informed citizens. We are living in exciting times, with an unprecedented pace of technological change disrupting businesses and pushing technological boundaries.

Students with strong mathematical and scientific skills will be best placed to thrive in these new and emerging markets.

Available courses

Part Time

  • IGCSE Maths evening
    DURATION: 27 weeks, starts 10th Sept 2018
  • Level 2 Functional Skills - Mathematics
    DURATION: 6pm - 8pm, 30 weeks
    VENUE: UCM and Castle Rushen High School

Full Time

  • International A Level Marine Science