Postgraduate & Masters Professional Work Based Degrees (22/23 start)

What is the Course About?

UCM offers the highly acclaimed negotiated, work-based learning programme WBIS at postgraduate and masters level.

Because you negotiate your learning, you also have the unique opportunity to tailor your award title to reflect your area of expertise. For example, a professional who focuses their learning around developing leaders may negotiate their title to be an MA in Leadership Development (WBIS). Or a healthcare professional developing organisational structures in a hospital might negotiate their title to be an MSc in Clinical Organisational Development (WBIS).

Negotiated, work-based learning means that you tailor the learning on the course to meet your own professional interests and aspirations, and it is 'work-based' which means that you will learn through real workplace activity and projects rather than by sitting in a classroom. But you also work with highly experienced academic specialists who guide and support you through your journey with us. Together, this is a powerful recipe for highly relevant, individualised and challenging professional development, which leads to a prestigious Masters level qualification.

WBIS is ideal for those who recognise the potential of learning through work and who are prepared to assume a high level of responsibility for their own learning.

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What Subjects Will I Study?

Our professional learners typically start their learning with the Self-Review and Negotiation of Learning module. Here, you will build a strong relationship with your highly experienced Personal Academic Tutor, who is a specialist academic that is dedicated to you and your progress throughout your studies. In Self-Review and Negotiation of Learning, your Personal Academic Tutor will help you select what to study including recognising prior accredited or experiential learning. This also involves agreeing an award aim, such as an MA or MSc, and a unique title for your studies.

What are my progression and career options?

All of our learners are professionals already in work, and so their motivation is often to boost their career progression, or change their career path to something more fulfilling. By choosing a negotiated, work-based learning degree, our students choose a pathway which is relevant to their specific needs. Through our innovative approach, many of our professional learners report significant increases in professional confidence after completing their studies. Ultimately, you are in the driving seat of your learning during your course, so your prospects afterwards are largely driven by what you want to achieve.

How will I be assessed?

All WBIS assignments are required to demonstrate the achievement of the module learning outcomes. Methods include essays, presentations, portfolios of evidence and professional dialogues.

All assignments are marked against the Assessment Criteria of the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (QAA) in the UK, as is the case with more traditional degrees.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements and suitability is assessed through interview. However, a high level of personal organisation and responsibility for your own learning is required. Full-time, part-time or significant voluntary work is needed to fully engage in work based learning.

The length of time to complete your award is dependent upon the amount of prior learning to be claimed, and the rate of progress you negotiate with your tutor. However, as a part time student University Regulations require you to complete at least two modules each year.

International applicants for part time programmes can apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa. Upon production of your visa documents and arrival on the island you will be invited to complete an enrolment formand pay the first year’s “non-Resident Fee” which will consist of three 20-credit modules. The Fees, Regulations & Policies can be found here.