Entry 1 Achievement Continuum, Life and Living Skills for Students with Complex Needs

What is the Course About?

This course provides personalised learning pathways for students with complex needs. The course takes, as its starting point, the individual strengths and needs of its students to develop personalised learning aims across the following areas:

  • Educational and Community Inclusion

  • Choices and Communication

  • Functional Skills Development

  • Positive Relationships

  • Being Healthy and Staying Safe

These aims are supported by close interaction with families as well as wider support networks including social work, health/social care and therapy professionals.

What subjects will I study?

This course is currently taught through a daily combination of individual, group and community based sessions. These include:

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Sensory and Therapy Activities

  • Functional Literacy and Numeracy

  • Hydrotherapy and Swimming

  • Sailing, Cycling and Walking

  • Music, Art and Drama

Subject content aims to build on progress made at school, whilst creating opportunities to develop the skills needed for adult life.

What are my progression and career options?

This course is designed to equip students to be as independent and engaged as possible across a range of post educational settings including; adult day services, community homes, the wider community and the family home.

How will I be assessed?

Primarily each student’s progress is assessed according to their individual learning aims, however student achievement is recognised through a range of flexible accreditation pathways including:

  • Entry 1 OCR Life and Living Skills

  • English Speaking Board “Join the Music/Arts/Music/Act”

  • English Speaking Board “Communication with Others”

Entry requirements

This course is suitable for students 16-18 with complex learning needs often combined with other difficulties, such as sensory and/or physical disabilities or autism.