Learning Spaces

The Learning Environments Team at UCM is dedicated to providing modern, practical and vibrant learning spaces to assist you in your studies.

Your experience of our learning spaces will differ depending upon the type of course, when you are studying with us and how much time you spend at UCM.

If you are undertaking a more vocationally related course then you will be accommodated in one of our industry-equipped workshops or maybe in one of our realistic working environments.

Maybe your course is more classroom or laboratory based, UCM has several well-equipped laboratories across our Homefield Road, Elmwood House, William Kennish and Hills Meadow campuses and our classrooms are designed around the nature of your course.

Our library is very well stocked with publications covering the broad spectrum of courses on offer and our staff are friendly and welcoming.

Or for a more relaxed way to study you can use specific areas of UCM that are designed around a more informal approach.

No matter what course you are studying you will have access to many other areas that are popular with students and UCM staff alike. For eating and drinking why not try our refectory, Annie Gill Café or Cristory’s Restaurant?