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The College Health Fayre

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Students seek advice from some of the 35 contributors present at the Health Fayre

The College Health Fayre 2012

The Health Fayre was jam-packed full of diversity, from the high tempo, frenetic activity of the main hall to the calm and peaceful settings of the Reiki area and Hair and Beauty salon. The day was kicked off by our very own Anne Gundry, and it was nice to see that so many students were interacting with the stalls, gathering information and trying things they wouldn’t normally do.

This year’s theme was “looking after the whole you” and from the sights and sounds of the main hall it was plain to see that the whole you was covered from the stalls that were present. ‘Paws for Therapy’ probably got the biggest crowds gathering round their florescent yellow stall; we asked them how pets can help. Volunteers there explained that using dogs to help people overcome phobias is incredibly effective, and we could sense how just stroking the pets is great for the psyche.

The purpose of the day was to promote awareness in the younger generation about the importance of good health. The volunteer on the diabetes awareness stand made a very valid point saying that, “It’s important to raise awareness in the younger generation, to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to make good decisions”.  If you spent a while at the Fayre you would have had the opportunity to find out how many of the organisations stationed at the event echoed what the diabetes awareness stall promoted.

It was also positive to see that people weren’t backing down on talking about otherwise taboo subjects. The people on the sexual health stall lead on this and it was ace to see that this stall was one of the most popular there. Maybe it was the pretty faces, or maybe it was the free condoms; either way, it made a point of getting the younger generation more clued up.

It wasn’t just the physical side of health that the stalls were championing. The Youth Art Centre stall was on hand to boost the self-appreciation of even the shyest and most reserved people. Fiona Helleur commented on this saying, “We’re here to make young people realise they have tremendous potential”.  Not only that but the Mental Health stall was there to encourage people to talk about their mental health and voice how they were feeling.

It’s fair to say that the day went down well and the College would like to thank all the organisations which turned out on the day for making it as fun and informative as it was.


Written by Andrew Eppleston, age 19.

First year Multimedia student and aspiring photographic journalist/graphic designer.  



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